What To Do On 'Eid ul Fitr ?    

As 'Eid is just around the corner, here is a quick overview for you of what to do on the blessed day:

1. Taking a bath (Ghusl). [Abdurrazzaq, 5754]
2. Wearing one’s best clothes, and for the men perfuming themselves. [Bukhari (886), Muslim (2066)]
3. Have an odd number of dates before leaving for 'Eid prayer. If one does not have dates, any food will do. [Bukhari, 953]
4. Going to the 'Eid prayer. [Bukhari (913), Muslim (889)]
5. Even if the woman is not praying she is encouraged to come and attend. [Bukhari (971), Muslim (890)]
6. Saying Takbir from the morning till the Imam starts the 'Eid prayer. [Ibn Abi Syaibah, 5621]
7. Greet one another with good greetings. [Al-Fath, 2/446]
8. Take different path home than the one that you took to come to the prayer area. [Bukhari, 986]

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