It took me a long time to gather words for this post. Sometimes you just observe everything quietly, but there’s a war going on within yourself. People continuously ask you answers without knowing that you are also searching for them.
I won’t go into detail. Every one of you uses social media. You all know what going on in Ghouta (Syria). And if you don’t know it yet, well its a shame then.
This war, that has begun from Halb (Syria) is not meant to stay within the cities of Syria. It's just a start. If we don’t stop it, it will spread eventually ... because it is made to spread all over the world and overtake the humankind. To destroy us. To destroy every single human being. And why is that, because we don’t belong to their religion. For them, we are enemies, made to be defeated.
NO! We have to stop them. If we don’t, same bombs will hit us one day very soon. It’s up to us (Youth) now to change everything the way it is going. We are Muslims. We the youth of this Ummah. We don't take orders from anyone except Allah. So it’s us who will have to erase their name before they come to any of us. We have to unite for it.
But the question is ... What can we do?
In this era of modern technology, we can do only one thing! Acquire education. Advance in your fields. Learn everything you can. Along with worldly education; Study Qur'an. Because only This book will teach you the ways of using your knowledge as a weapon.
Do what you must ... to STOP it all ... before it hits rest of us.

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