Top 10 Notable Archaeological Sites in Pakistan

Top 10 Notable Archaeological Sites in Pakistan  

1. Mohenjo Daro
 Mohenjo-daro means Mound of the Dead in Sindhi. Its ancient name is Kukkutarma. It is located in Larkana District of Sindh.

2. Taxila
  Taxila used to be the center of Gandhara Civilization that is also found in the archeological sites spread over Taxila and Swat 

3. Takht-i-Bahi
 Takht-i-Bhai is another well-known and preserved monument, a Buddhist monastery located on a rocky ridge about 10 miles northeast of Mardan 

4. Makli

  Makli is is a large ancient cemetery with elaborated tomb monuments that spreads over 8 kilometers and is the burial place of some 125,000 local rulers, Sufi saints and others. 

5. Fort Rohtas

  It was built by Sher Shah Suri in the 16th century and is now located in Jhelum. The Rohtas fort was built to crush the local tribes of Potohar, who rebelled against the Sur dynasty. It took 8 years to built the Rohtas fort. 

6. Katasraj temple

  Katasraj temple site is a group of seven ancient templates, a few medieval templates, havelis, holy pond and remains of a Buddhist stupa.

7. Ranigat
  Ranigat means 'Queen's Rock'. This archaeological site is located in Totalai in the Buner District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. 

8. Rehman Dheri

  Rehman Dheri is a pre-Harappan archaeological site that is located near Dera Ismail Khan in KPK.

9. Mangla Fort & Ramkot Fort
  Mangla Fort (left), named after Mangla Devi, the daughter of King Porus, is situated on the hill of Mangla Dam lake. Ramkot Fort (right) nearby the Mangla Fort is yet another forgotten and generally unexplored fort on the banks of Mangla Fort. Built on the site of an old Hindu Shiva temple, the fort was built by the Muslim rulers of Kashmir in safeguarding their boundaries. 

10. Harappa
 This archaeological site located near Sahiwal City. Harappa and the city of Mohenjo-Daro were the greatest achievements of the Indus valley civilization. 

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