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Some of us are doubtful about the possibility to skip midterms and still pass in finals ...

so, first of all, 
please check the following link for 20% passing rule of VU:…/20PercentPassingRule.htm
Its clearly said that ---
"For passing a course you are required to get 20% marks overall in all items like assignments, discussions, midterm etc and at least 20% in final exam."

I asked the same question on the following email: (VU Students Support Services) (Exam Conduct)
And this is their reply:
"It is mandatory to pass the midterm exam in order to get good grades in final term so don't get into such false news and prepare yourself for the midterm exams.
Every subject's passing criteria depends on the relative grading of that subject. However, it is around 20%."

Also note that ---

According to VU exams policy, It is absolutely mandatory to appear in both Mid term and Final term exams. Skipping any of the term exams or scoring 0 in any of them means scoring F grade in subject even if you do good in other academic activities so please do not miss any term exams and do well in them at your best.

According to the new exam passing criteria wrt 2013,

Midterm + Academic Activities[Assignments, Quiz, GDB] + Final Term = 50% = Pass

0 + 20% + 50% = Fail because score is lower in Midterm

50% + 10% + 23% = Pass ( because percentage is greater or equal to 20% in term exams)

30% + 20% + 0 = Fail (Because of failure to score well in final term)

So please do hard work at scoring best in your term exams and academic activities. Don't miss any of the academic activities. Do well in them because these activities act as a bonus to boost up your overall subject grade.


So kindly don’t skip midterm exams.

Good Luck 

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