I wear a mask over my eyes to block out this blinding morning sun. No ray of golden radiance can be appreciated in this Sullen heart. When my head splits like an atom causing a nuclear explosion of pain, I wish the horizon would call back this day letting darkness and the peace of solitude cloak me again, in silence.

A Heaven where I am able to leave the stress and step into creativity once again, where I am not caught in the tug of war between a dreamer’s heart and responsibility, My dreams always fighting a losing battle retreating back into the shadowed night leaving their optimism and hope on the floor of daybreak.

You know, for a girl with such a wild imagination, He argues with logic, far too often. He’s pretty pessimistic for a girl with sunshine eyes. The darkness makes her tick and a soul that’s full of lies, sometimes He gets so morbid: I scare my friends away. He’s fascinated by blood: I like it better that way.

An enigma in her randomness He is a song that holds no words, staring down life’s rabbit holes, both the blessing and the curse, time is always standing still, but The sunshine never lasts.

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