Yeah, it's not about the one who asks for forgiveness, it's about the person who forgives. 
The one who makes mistakes may or may not be feel bad about them. The word ‘sorry’ doesn’t always mean SORRY, usually, its said just to get rid of thoughts. But sometimes even if its said as the person means it, yet this word can never make all those words said before it just disappear.  
I often think that anyone can make any kind of mistake, and can say sorry for that. But forgetting all the words said before and still being like nothing happened is of actual importance. 
It takes courage to let go of every attitude the person has been treated with, every blame and comment of insult and much more that just feels inside. In short, the individual who excuses the errors and yet assists others is, no doubt, an exemplary personality.
Always, try to forgive as nothing happened. I know its hard for sure, but still, try to let go. Even if not for other people, but for yourself …….. so that you will be satisfied with your good conduct. 

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