No of people start Freelancing, but they don't get orders, and fail in first step.

When you start freelancing keep following things in the mind.

For Fiverr

  1. Make a unique gig image. Instead of copy paste or internet image, Make an explainer video for logo service. or for others you can design a good image
  2. Use proper tags, while making gig, before making please check the competitor gigs (check top 4 gigs in row of fiverr after search). Read their description, tags , titles. It'll help you to make your gig and know which tags are ranking. Select those tags which are common in ranking
  3. Make atleast 7 gigs. 
    1. Each gig should be unique. Don't make 2 gigs for same service. Like for logo design. You can offer different types of logos in each gig. (Mascot Logo, hand drawn, vintage, minmal etc. )
  4. Don't make short description gigs. Write a detailed description in your gig. 
  5. As new seller you can offer 2 concepts  etc. It'll attract the buyers.
  6. Keep prices normal (Not much low, neither higher.) 
    1. For simple minimal logo You can start from $10.
  7. Make gig pricing package. Fiverr offers 3 pricing plans. Explain it very well for buyer
  8. Keep your profile online, by using Chrome super autoreferesh extension. You can automatically reload a tab. Set 5 minutes for it. 
  9. Check for buyer requests, apply on them. Offer them free mockup. Keep your proposal to the point, ask question in proposal. 

For Upwork:

  1. Optimize your profile, add relevant skills.
  2. In portfolio, add proper thumbnails.
  3. Don't offer low rates. For new freelancer on upwork. Keep your price starting from 5/hour atleast. After getting 1-2 contracts. You can increase it.
  4. If you've free profile. Then only apply 1-2 proposal maximum in a day.
  5. Same here, offer client free mockup. 

Thing to consider:

  • For girls, they don't want to use their pictures (which is good thing) but instead of using internet images, or any random image. Design your unique avatar / logo and use it as profile pic. 

Stay Blessed - Keep shining

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