For All New & Continuing Members of Virtulians Social Network

We warmly welcome to all newly admitted students

at VU and VSN

And Welcome back to all continuing students:):) 

As you all guys know that classes have been started ,, you all guys did lot of fun in your vacations.Now its time to be serious towards your studies specially new students who are not familiar with this system.Many students take admission every year and they take study at Vu very lightly and get relaxed and in the end they see bad result.

Studying at VU is not much easy.It will create lot of trouble for you if you didn't show your positive and serious attitude towards your studies.Make proper schedule for your study and take lectures on regular basis and clear your concepts.If you didn't understand any topic any point then post your question in MDB or you are more than welcomed to post your queries at VSN lecture wise discussions.Its very important to clear each single topic of your subject it will help you a lot in your exams to get excellent GPA and specially in solving your assignments by yourself.

For All Continuing Students

You all are familiar with the Vu system and most importantly Rules of VSN. Its my humble request to all existing members of this forum to be serious in their studies and their behaviors as well.

Guide and help all new students in their studies and make sure that you all are following the rules of VSN to keep the network friendly and suitable for all members.

And most important thing as u all guys know that its an educational platform and your classes have been started so make sure from now main chat room should be used for study discussions only.Avoid from useless gossips and doing fun on chat,

I have noticed immature behavior of some members in last few days.You all are grown up you are not kids anymore you know how to behave in a sensible manner.So please use respected & low tone while talking with other members and avoid from harsh wordings,, be decent and calm.

Give respect to all members and prove you are really a good person.I hope u all got it what i want to say.

If u didn't follow the rules u know that u will be suspended without any warning.So try to b clam and decent and prove that you are educated & nice person :)

Offer your prayers regularly and recite Quran pak and  Durood-e-Pak to make ur both lives easier


Virtualians Social Network Team

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Comment by αв∂αℓ ααнα∂ (єχ) on August 29, 2016 at 10:37am

yes, good effort................!!!!!!!!

Comment by + Aammara Awan on October 28, 2015 at 9:05pm

hn mn bilqees or tu abdul sitaar eidhi :x:x

Comment by + Aammara Awan on October 28, 2015 at 3:55pm

sis suba ki bt aalg n kafi din sa note ker ri ti ya zarori ho gya tha 



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