Farewell Ramdan Karim 1436 (2015)


The Month of Ramadhaan is coming to an end; where are the eyes that will weep and where are the hearts that will humble themselves by the fear of Almighty Allah, the Bounteous King? You have heard this so many times from the Holy Qur’an: *“All the creatures will certainly die.”.*
Now the time of the departure of the month of Ramadhaan is very near and with you it will stay just like a night-guest, or like a departing beloved. Never forget that the separation of good friends is a very bitter thing; so where are those who will perform as many good deeds as they did this month? Undoubtedly those who have fasted have collected great benefits and the transgressors are the losers.

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Comment by + Aammara Awan on July 17, 2015 at 1:30pm

no doubt.....!!!




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