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Current paper of BIO301 (Essentials of genetics) Spring2018

BIO301 (Essentials of Genetics)

Total questions= 26

MCQs = 20


  1. What are the dominant and recessive traits? (2)
  2. Which type of cell division occurs in somatic cells? (2)
  3. What are the types of chromosomal banding? Give two chemical uses of banding. (3)
  4. What happens in the multi-cellular cell during…

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Bio201 paper questions

Today my paper was Bio201 (cell biology) ..

I will share some questions with you  which were given in the paper are:

Define cell adhesion and cell recognition. (2)

Define genetic map. (2)

Discuss the types of RNA and their functions. (3)

Give the salient features of Mieosis and Mitosis. (3)

What are the roles of protiens in living organisms? (5)

Discuss the models of DNA replication. (5)

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