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Final Papers

CS302, CS601, MGT301, MGT101, STA301, CS201

Guess papers required + if any other helping material plzz inbox or share in comments

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Current paper of BIO301 (Essentials of genetics) Spring2018

BIO301 (Essentials of Genetics)

Total questions= 26

MCQs = 20


  1. What are the dominant and recessive traits? (2)
  2. Which type of cell division occurs in somatic cells? (2)
  3. What are the types of chromosomal banding? Give two chemical uses of banding. (3)
  4. What happens in the multi-cellular cell during…

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Bio201 paper questions

Today my paper was Bio201 (cell biology) ..

I will share some questions with you  which were given in the paper are:

Define cell adhesion and cell recognition. (2)

Define genetic map. (2)

Discuss the types of RNA and their functions. (3)

Give the salient features of Mieosis and Mitosis. (3)

What are the roles of protiens in living organisms? (5)

Discuss the models of DNA replication. (5)

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Assignment No. 02 Semester: Spring 2018 Theory of Automata – CS402

Assignment No. 02

Semester: Spring 2018

Theory of Automata – CS402


Total Marks: 15


Due Date: 24/05/2018



Objective of this assignment is to assess…


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HRM627 - Human Resource Development _Foundation of Human Behavior

Question Description

In this era of Globalization, managers must have set of skills to manage a diverse workforce. Managers need to effectively manage employees with different personalities, cultural backgrounds and believe systems.

In your opinion, how the skills of Big Five personality traits and emotional intelligence (EI) are essential for ensuring high performance from management’s…


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phy301 1st assigment

Assignment 1(Spring 2018)

Circuit Theory (Phy301)

Marks: 25

Due Date: May 04, 2018

DON’T MISS THESE Important instructions:


  • To solve this assignment, you should have good command over first 6 lectures.
  • Upload assignments properly through LMS, (No Assignment will be accepted through email).
  • Write your ID on the top of your solution file.
  • All students are directed…

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Admin Team
What can we do?

It took me a long time to gather words for this post. Sometimes you just observe everything quietly, but there’s a war going on within yourself. People continuously ask you answers without knowing that you are also searching for them.
I won’t go into detail. Every one of you uses social media. You all know what going on in Ghouta (Syria). And if you don’t know it yet, well its a shame then.…

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Very Nice

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Are you like it!!!!!

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This is Exams Time...........

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OS Updates :p

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Girls vs Boys (SE)

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My Sunshine

I wear a mask over my eyes to block out this blinding morning sun. No ray of golden radiance can be appreciated in this Sullen heart. When my head splits like an atom causing a nuclear explosion of pain, I wish the horizon would call back this day letting darkness and the peace of solitude cloak me again, in silence.

A Heaven where I am able to leave the stress and step into creativity once again, where I am not caught in the tug of war between a dreamer’s heart and responsibility, My…


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ہر انسان ایک چلتی پھرتی کتاب ہوتا ہے بس ہم پڑھنے کی زحمت نہیں کرتے ___ کیونکہ ____ ہم سیکھ چکے ہیں ،علم صرف کتابوں سے حاصل کیا جاتا ہے _____۔حالانکہ کتاب تو تعلیم اور ڈگری کا ذریعہ ہے۔ زندگی گزارنے کے اصل اسباق تو ہمیں انسانوں اور ان کے رویوں سے ہی ملتے ہیں اور بعض سبق تو ایسے ملتے ہیں کہ ساری ڈگریاں دھری کی دھری رہ جاتی ہیں ۔…


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5 Stages of Software Development :p

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TOP 10 highest paid IT jobs :)

The 10 Highest-Paying Tech Jobs Right Now

  1. Software Architect - $116,267*
  2. Data Scientist - $109,399
  3. Devops Engineer - $106,045
  4. Software Engineer - $98,304
  5. Java Developer - $98,304
  6. Mobile Developer - $96,133
  7. Front-end Developer - $92,133
  8. Software Developer -…

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Degree Programs and their value

Everyone around here will accept the fact that it's a difficult decision to make when choosing a particular stream of education. Many of us decide on the basis of popularity of a degree program, some of us are patient enough to go a mile ahead with taking a longer route for reaching a desired carrier, which ultimately pays well enough at the end. So, what i am looking for is a degree program that is quick enough and more rewarding for a stable future. So any suggestions on degree programs to…


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Admin Team
Request to all Virtualians Members.

Respected members, this website is a platform for study assistance and guidance.

Unfortunately, it is observed that members do need help but they only ask their question in the main chat room, and when no one answers, they simply give a comment that no one helps on this site.

What I want to say is, please explore the website yourself. It not only has a chat room, rather it has discussion pages for each and every subject. 

For now, many of the members need current or past…


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Assignment Topic: Inventory Valuation and Cost of Goods Sold Assignment Objective:

After attempting this assignment whole-heartedly, the…


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Admin Team
Its All about Forgiving !

Yeah, it's not about the one who asks for forgiveness, it's about the person who forgives. 
The one who makes mistakes may or may not be feel bad about them. The word ‘sorry’ doesn’t always mean SORRY, usually, its said just to get rid of thoughts. But sometimes even if its said as the person means it, yet this word can never make all those words said before it just disappear.  
I often think that anyone can make any kind of mistake, and can say sorry for that. But…

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