Virtualians Social Network Privacy Policy and Network Rules For Members

Virtualians Social Network  is a educational platform for Virtual University of Pakistan students and offering free services. We have some network rules to keep our network clean and user friendly.

As a Member of VSN You are likely to follow the Virtualians Social Network rules to keep the network friendly and suitable for all members. Follow these rules while using this network:

  1. Use a simple profile picture that doesn't contain on any website link or  pornographic or sexually oriented or any other negativity.
  2. Use Official VU Student Email ID to Create Account. like
  3. Before posting something makes confident it’s already not posted and not copied. Post you own written and original content.
  4. Posting pornographic or sexually oriented, negative content is strictly banned.
  5. Don't post a copied picture from any site. If you want to add a picture or post picture in blog or forum discussion download that picture in your system then upload here and check it must not contain any website link
  6. Don’t use abuse, foul or insulting language and avoid from fun on chat, be decent and calm. Use low tone while talking with other members and avoid from harsh wording
  7. Dont Chat in CAPS LOCK, Capital Letters always use small letters.
  8. Private Chat is not allowed so don't send or  reply on private chat, its just for admins
  9. Don’t send private messages to female during chat or anywhere.
  10. Give respect to male and female members and prove you are really a good person
  11. Follow Government laws about Internet content publishing.
  12. Don't ask any one to about his/her city or campus or email id , cell number or any other personal detail etc.
  13. Don't discuss personal matters , relationships , or any other thing on main room or pvt chat.
  14. Give a precise name to every post and description. Avoid posting a picture without text details
  15. Before posting pictures give it a name that identify that picture and no link , or email id, or fb etc link on picture.
  16. Don't add your personal or advertising pictures or any websites linked picture.
  17. Try to show your skills and give your own touch in your posts and do original work.
  18. Don’t share any religious stuff without proper reference, share with proper reference.
  19. Participate in discussions and get help from discussions and help others also. Don't post any copied data. If information are necessary change it write in your own words then post in form of discussion or blog.
  20. When a assignment , gdb , quiz announced on LMS add its discussion in relevant group. Participate in discussions, share your points in discussions , get help and also provide help. Don't wait for solution , start discussing , after discussions a perfect solution will create. 

Very Important: Only VU Study related conversation in Chat Room, If you do any leisure conversation, You will be suspended permanently without any warning from VSN

Network Logo is identification of Admin So Network Logo Can Use Admin only

If you do not agree with our rules, we politely request you to not become a member of our network If you do not follow any of these rules, we will suspend your account and you will banned for always.


Virtualians Social Network Team



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