Hi All,

I have just started MIT as an overseas student from UAE. I want to know how i will pay my tution fees(90$) from UAE?

Can some one help please?




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Approved !!

السلام عليكم:

Make a Drop of Virtual University of Pakistan Lahore in any Bank there and then send it to the University to the concern department.

From KSA here I make in Al Rajhi Private Bank and send to the Admission Dept.


                                                                      ألله حافظ


i am living in KSA but i didn't pay through Saudi bank. my family pay my fees from karachi and it is easy to submit your fees from pakistan then here.

thnx for sharing ur views brothers 

if you want to pay from UAE , go to HBL and send it through them , but they will give you a big form and they will ask you it should go in Rupees or $ they will charge you some extra as well.

the best way is ask somebody to pay it from Pakistan from HBL through normal voucher to VU HBL account in Lahore Branch they will charge you something like 300 RS extra of their fee, and be aware bank ppl will ask you to bring VU Form and pay it through that but tell them GO TO HELL i want to send this money on normal form which is provided by the BANK........ Scan the receipt and send it to VU Fee department and upload it to your VULMS as well.

Check The Account Details of VU ON HBL ....

If anyone wants to pay fee in Pakistan, then the amount which he wants to pay will be converted from USD to PKR according to conversion rate from USD to PKR issued by State Bank of Pakistan on that particular date on which your fee is to be paid. This fee will be deposited through "Bank Deposit Slip". No separate voucher is required.

Fee can be paid in Habib Bank Limited (HBL) having title: Virtual University of Pakistan, A/C No 0866-00346412-03, Stock Exchange Branch Lahore, Pakistan.


Thanks All and specially Malik to give us more details.




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