1.      The Question Paper will be provided to you through http://qb.vu.edu.pk/ in MS Word document according to the date/time already selected by you in your date sheet. The exam timings shall always be in accordance with Pakistan Time.
2.      In order to get your question paper: Go to  http://qb.vu.edu.pk/ (available only within the duration of your paper)
3.        Login with your Student ID e.g. MC0804XXXXXX and exam password (you may retrieve your Exam Password from the Exam Slip, which you may always view/print by giving your VULMS ID and Password on the link: http://datesheet.vu.edu.pk                
4.      The link also contains information regarding your course code, session, location, Invigilator’s name and address etc.
5.      Please view your Invigilator’s name and communicate only with him/her. It is your Invigilator only who shall mark your attendance.
6.      Read the instructions before starting your paper.
7.      Click the checkbox
I have read the Rules and Instructions carefully and now I want to download the question paper.

8.      Thus, the option for “Download Paper” will be enabled. Click the link to open your paper.
9.      You must write answers exactly below the relevant questions in the same file and must not tamper with any question statement nor with the question paper.
10.  The duration of every paper shall be 60 minutes. In addition, you will have an extra ten (10) minutes to upload the solved paper.
11.  After attempting your paper, click the browse button to select your paper in MS Word 2003 format from your computer. Click the Upload button to upload your file.
12.  You must submit your solved paper(s) within the prescribed time limit. 
13.  After the completion of uploading process you will see a message:
“File uploaded successfully.”
In case you face any problem in uploading your paper, you may send it as an attachment ONLY at overseasexams@vu.edu.pk within the prescribed time limit. Paper(s) sent on any other address or later than the allowed time will NOT be accepted.
Examination Department (Overseas Exams)
Virtual University of Pakistan
Tel: 111-880-880-352
Direct Line: 042-9204760

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