TPT620 - Teaching Practice (Long Term) Basic Introduction Spring 2019 

The teaching practice is an integral part of every professional teacher''s training programme.

-          Teaching practice will be preceded in a sequence. Every new assignment will be in continuation of previous assignments.

-          First the trainee teachers would be sent to different schools for observation and later they would be practicing different pedagogical techniques in actual classroom settings. Thus it would be a fruitful learning experience.

All students are advised to read the following instructions/guidelines carefully before starting Teaching Practice.

Please note the following guidelines for effective completion of your Teaching Practice:

  • Firstly, a “School Selection Form” will be sent to all students. They will visit the nearby school and ask for permission regarding Teaching Practice in their school.

-          The “School Selection Form” is compulsory to submit. Without School Selection Form, no further assignments will be accepted.

-          The “School Selection Form” must be filled, signed and stamped by the school.

-          A student must select three different grades. Grade levels should be secondary or higher secondary.

-          A student must select at least three different subjects of these Grade levels.

-          The School Selection form will be approved by the course instructors.

-          In case, any School Selection Form is disapproved by the course instructor, student must re-submit it within 5 working days.

  • After the approval of “School Selection Form”, the student will start Teaching Practice in the school.

-          For the first two weeks, observation assignments will be given to all students.

-          With the help of these observation assignments, students will get familiar with the school environment, teachers and students. These assignments will also be signed and stamped from the school.

-          Assignments without signatures stamp and date will not be acceptable.

-          Unclear stamp or any form seems fake will be rejected. Assignment will be marked as zero. No relaxation for re-submission of assignments after School Selection Form will be given to any student.

  • After Observation Assignments, students will be asked to submit three sample lesson plans.

-          These three lesson plans will be of the same three subjects selected in School Selection Form.

-          Students are advised to follow the given template of the lesson plan.

-          These three sample lessons will be reviewed by the instructors and students will be asked to resubmit lesson plan in case of major mistakes.

  • After approval of the lesson plans, students will start teaching lessons in the school.

-          Students will submit lesson plans on weekly basis. Students will teach the same lessons in classroom and it will be observed by the teachers in the school.

-          The lesson plans should be of the same subjects as selected in School Selection Form.

-          If any student failed to follow the subjects selected in School Selection Form, assignment will be rejected and zero marks will be awarded to such student.

-          Students will upload the cooperating teacher feedback form as scan copy with lesson plans. Cooperating teacher will observe one class (teach by student-teachers) per week.

      Above mentioned is the procedure of what you will be doing in this course. All assignments will be uploaded on LMS. Some points to remember for Assignments are as follows:

  1. No late Assignment will be accepted via email.
  2. Lesson plan assignments must not be repeated with the previous ones.
  3. Students have to submit all the assignments to PASS this course.
  4. In case, any assignment is missing, one will be declared as FAIL and student have to repeat the course.
  5. B.Ed Secondary (1.5 years) students will have to prepare 24 lesson plans in total in 6 weeks of teaching practice.

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