TPT620 - Teaching Practice (Long Term) Assignment no. 1 (Week 1) Spring 2019 Due Date May 20, 2019

TPT620 - Teaching Practice (Long Term) Assignment no. 1 (Week 1) Spring 2019 Due Date May 20, 2019 

Week 1:  School-Based Assignments for Student Teacher

Dear Student,

The purpose of these school-based activities is to get yourself familiar with the school community by getting to know your classroom, your students, and the school’sresources, and by reflecting on your experiences.


Observation of School Environment and Activities


Note: Check Lists for below activities are attached with this assignment and also available on LMS Lesson section.


  1. Log of Daily Activities


  1. Inventory of School Resources: This sheet will help you learn more about your school

And familiarize you with the various resources that are available for you and the children.


  1. Cooperating Teacher Interview Protocol: It is important that you get to know your

Cooperating Teacher well so that both of you can work together productively.


  1. Interview a Child/Children: With permission from your Cooperating Teacher, interview

a child or group of children to learn about the school from a child’s perspective.


  1. Community/Co-Curricular Engagement: Talk to various people at the school to find outhow the school works with the community members and what co-curricular programsare provided.


  1. A separate sheet for cooperating teacher is available at the end of the assignment with title “Activity 6”. It has list of all activities you will perform at school in first week, take print and get it signed by your cooperating teacher at the end of week and upload/insert scanned copy at the end of assignment file.


  1. Upload all observation forms on LMS in soft form against assignment no.1.














































M.A. JinnahCampus,DefenceRoad OffRaiwind Road, Lahore


Week 1:

Activity 1:Log of Daily Activities Date: ____________

Task: Complete the following log of a school day indicating how you were involved during your time at school. Note down all the activities of a day and reflect (share your views)on your experience.

Take five prints of Activity 1 only, one for each day (Monday to Friday)



Name of the person

you worked with/assisted

What did you do? (observe, assist)

Describe what you learned about teaching & learning






































Reflection: Share how this daily log activity is helping you to familiarize with the school environment.






















































Activity 2: Recordof School Resources


It is important to complete an observation of school resources to familiarize with the school setup .Two checklists of school resources are provided to you for this purpose.

Part - A


Observe the following materials in school and prepare the checklist-I.





Not Available


Schoolhandbookregarding school policies







Map of school with locations for the following

(attached the scanned copy)

·         Classrooms

·         Staff room

·         Playground/s

·         Library

·         Laboratory/ science room

·         Canteen

·         Hall

·         Drinking water arrangement

·         Toilets

·         Boundary wall

·         Any other

If school does not have one, draw a map and attach a scanned copy.


















Each school has resources to provide to teachers’ support. Observe the resources in school and if a particular resource is not available at your school; writeNot Available (N/A) next to the item in column. In case if it’s available, count and write in number.



Resource Type

Not Available

If Available, write number



Books for the teachers such as guidebooks, textbooks etc.


Books for the students

e.g. story books, history books, Islamic books etc.



Laboratory/Science Room


Mention the equipment available for science experiments.

e.g. chemicals, jars, forceps. 




Computer Lab

e.g. computers, monitors, LCDs, printers etc.




Classroom Resources

Student desk and chairs

Teachers’ chair and table

White / Chalk board

Bulletin board

Any other

Teachers’ support material


Lesson plan preparation guidelines




Sports Facilities

Sports kits, e.g. cricket bat, ball, wicket, football.



Other Resources available (if any)










Reflection: Share your views how these material/resources are helpful for teaching and learning process.










































Activity 3: Interview with the Cooperating-Teacher

Use the following ideas to know more about your cooperating teacher. You can also develop your own questions if you want to.

  1. Name: Qualification: _______________
  2. Teaching Experience: __________ years.


  1. Do you prepare lesson plan regularly? Yes ------ No
    How you keep a record of lesson plans?









  1. Whatactivities you use to engage your students in learning? (e.g. discussion, questions/answers, AV aids)











  1. How do you motivate students for learning?




















Reflection: Reflect upon the responses of the teacher and state how will you make your teaching more effective?





































Activity 4: Interview with the student/s

With permission from your cooperating teacher, interview a student or a group of students to learn about the school from student’s perspective.

Use the following ideas to know more about students. You can also develop your own questions if you want to.

 Number of student/s:__________________________________________class:____________


  1. What do you like the most in the school?







  1. What types of activities do you like the most in the classroom?







  1. What activities you don’t like in classroom orschool?








  1. Anyother question: state __________________________________________________







Reflection: What did you learn about school from students’ responses?











Activity 5: CommunityEngagement andCo-Curricular Activities

Thisassignmentrequiresyouto find out about theinvolvementofparentsand other communitymembersin theschool,aswellasthestudents’involvementin co-curricular activitiesin theschooland thecommunity.

  1. SpeaktoyourCooperatingTeacherand otherschoolstaffand findouthowparentsand communitymembersareinvolvedin thescAretheyencouragedtobeinvolved? Whatimpactdoestheirinvolvementhason theschool?




















  1. Findoutwhatco-curricularactivities i.e. sports day and debates are organized in the school?Whatimpactdo theseactivitieshaveon thestudents?























M.A. JinnahCampus,DefenceRoad OffRaiwind Road, Lahore


Activity 6: Co-operating Teacher Form


Checklist to evaluateStudent-Teacher Activities

Dear Cooperating Teacher,

You are requested to please sign the following checklist, based on the review of these activities performed by the student-teacher.





Not performed


Log of Daily Activities




Record of School Resources




Interview with the Cooperating-Teacher




Interview with the Student/s




Community/Co-Curricular Engagement




Signature of Cooperating Teacher: ______________________________


School Stamp: ____________________________________


Date: _______________________________

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