Before this week I don't know, what is the meaning of this sentence. 

And After knowing the meaning of the sentence Here are some things I want to share with you.. 

Ager aap kisi shaks / namehram sa milty hain to kal ko apko wife / husband bhi waisy hi mily gi jo pehly na-mehrmon sa mil chuky ho.  Because Qura'an pak kehta hy 

"Na-pak mard Napak aurton kay lye hain, aur na-pak aurtain na pak mardon kay lye" "Pak-aurtain pak mardon kay lyee hain, and pak mard pak aurton kay lye hain "


Ager aap aj ghalt kam krain gay to kal ko apko Life-partner bhi waisa hi mily ga

Stop doing time pass. If you like someone then do Nikkah Simply and complete your deen:) 

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Jiasy aap hoty h wesy hi apko SHAREEK-E-HAYAAt millta hai

G yahi hum keh rhy and sabh sa pehly yahi Qura'an pak keh raha. 

Makafat e Amal:) 

No doubt......... So,be ready !!





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