PSY408 - Health Psychology Assignment No. 1 Solution Fall 2018 Due Date: December 05, 2018 

Gain comprehensive understanding of biopsychosocial model
Gain critical skills to analyze the health conditions around them.
Ali is 15 years old boy. He came to hospital with complains of gastritis and
heartburn. This was his 3rd visits to emergency within a month. Ali was told that if
he will not take the given precautions seriously he might get stomach ulcers. Ali
has a family history of high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol levels. His
mother is diagnosed patient of bi polar disorder. When in depressive state she stays
in her room, crying or when in hypomanic state she prefers to spend her time
outside with friends watching movies. At home the environment is conflicting due
to quick shift in mood of her mother and his father’s tough work routine. His
parents are always fighting with each other. Ali usually stays home alone. At least
twice a week he goes for business dinners with his father. Where all the food that
doctor has prohibited (Oily, spicy and fried) is available and he eats to his heart
content. His parents are not strict at all regarding eating habits. In lunch Ali usually
gets a large pack of chips, carbonated drink and a Pizza slice. Most of his friends
bring more or less same kind of lunch. Early this month due to his stomach
inflammation Ali brought banana and apple as lunch. Everyone around him made
fun of him for bringing fruits in lunch. He felt so embarrassed and disappointed.
Near Ali’s house fast food restaurants are opened 24/7 and he can order food
Health Psychology (PSY408)
Assignment No. 01
Due Date: 05.12.2018 Marks: 20
anytime from there. Ali continuously complains about having stomach ache and
heart burn.
Question 1: In the light of biopsychosocial model identify different factors that
are affecting health of Ali. (Biological factors +Psychological factors +Social
factors) 5 marks each (15 marks )
Question 2:
Suggest five ways to improve the health of Ali in the case mentioned above with
proper argument. 5marks.
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Rules for Marking
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