Final Project Course is only for those students who are doing job, they have choice to do projects on different companies, banks, organization etc related to their project course. Student need to provide  Job confirmation Letter (JCL) to Virtual University (VU) and start work on final project.  Virtual University of Pakistan (VU) will contact relevant organization, company or bank  and confirm Job confirmation Letter (JCL) provided by student is original and verified.  Following is compete procedure of Project course.


Final Project Course Selection in VULMS (Virtual University Learning Management System)

The first step for student is to select final project course in course selection. Click on student services tab in LMS and then select Course selection link. If you have completed required credit hours you will be able to select project course relevant to your degree program


Final Project Course Assignments

There are 4 Assignments in Final Project. Details are as following

Assignment 1: Job confirmation Letter (JCL) 

Final Project student need to submit Job confirmation Letter (JCL) . Organization, company or bank issues Job confirmation Letter (JCL)  on its letter pad with stamp and signature with detail of student job work and department etc. Student scans this Job confirmation Letter (JCL)  and submits in vulms in first assignment.

Assignment 2: Final Project Proposal

Final Project Student need to prepare Final Project Proposal and submit proposal in vulms , after approval from instructor student can start work. Final Project Proposal must from topics given in LMS of this course. List of topics are given below.

· Measuring the perceived organizational support
· Measuring job stress
· Effect of job design on the employee satisfaction
· Manager Neuroticism and Job satisfaction
· Effect of Job Enrichment & Job Enlargement on employee performance
· Effect of incentives (Monetary & Non-monetary) on employees’ intentions of turnover
· Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Workplace
· Types of Commitment and employees Task performance
· Application of Job Characteristics Model (JCM)
· Effect of Job Characteristics on Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB)
· Analysis of Equal Employment Opportunity Policies and Gender Discrimination
· Role of Supervisor in building the Employees’ Psychological Contract
· Impact of Personality Traits on Organizational Commitment
· Workforce Diversity and Organizational Effectiveness
· Exploring Glass Ceiling in Public Sector Organization
· Exploring different types of Organizational Commitment (Affective, Normative &
· Continuance)
· Perceived level of commitment of top management regarding the TQM
· A comparative study of leadership styles in public sector
· A comparative study of organizational effectiveness in public sector
· Assessing and identifying the dominant organizational culture of organization
· Determining whether organization is a learning organization?
· Determining Employee’s Readiness/Resistance to Change
· Differences in Job Motivation among Female and Male Employees of Public Sector
· Rewards OR Recognition as a Source of Motivation: An Analytical Study to find
· which source is important for Employees
· Organizational Diagnosis: A Case of XYZ organization.
· What is the conflict management style of the organization: A perspective of
· Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Problem Solving Skills
· Top management Support in creating Learning Organizations
· Assessing Knowledge Management Capability of organization

Important Note: If student Final Project Proposal not accepts in 3 chances, student declared as fail and prepares Final Project Proposal and submits again in next semester.

Assignment 3: Final Project Research Report

Final Project Student need to prepare Questionnaire related to their Final Project Proposal and send supervisor via email to get approval for Questionnaire. After getting approval of Questionnaire from supervisor start work on research work. Visit relevant organization etc and contact target population and request them to fil Questionnaire. After it do analysis and prepare research report and submit research in vulms. Supervisor will check it, if report according to standard student will declare pass if report not okay student will give an other chance to prepare research report and submit again.

Important Note: If student Final Project Research Report not accepts in 3 chances, student declared as fail and prepares Final Project Proposal and submits again in next semester.

Assignment 4: Final Project Final Presentation

After approval of Final Project report, student asks to prepares final presentation according to vu given template and submits in vulms.

Final viva voce Exam

After final term exams student call for viva voce exam, During viva student present Final Project presentation file, instructors ask questions about their research work, organization, company or bank basic information, student activates, analysis, conclusions, recommendation if student answer properly , student declared pass successfully. If student fail to answer properly declared fail and they get another chance for viva in next semester.

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