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Organizational Theory & Design

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Comment by MBS(4th) on January 29, 2015 at 12:45am

As compared to mass production units, computer aided manufacturing units are high in which one of the following characteristics. Standardization

The traditional approach to coping with environmental uncertainty was to establish which one of the following departments. Buffer department

With the emergence of modern management principles, boundaries among departments and organizations are becoming: flexible

What is the effectiveness criterion for owners? Financial return

Which of the following strategy is to innovate, take risks, seek out new opportunities, and grow? Prospector:

According the population Ecology view, which factor determines about the survival and failure of organizations? Changing environment

What is the impact of information technology on the organization design? Decentralized organization structures, improved internal and external coordination, Greater employee participation (ALL OF THE FOLLOWING OPTION)

Which type of culture has an internal focus and consistency orientation for a stable environment? Bureaucratic culture 

The kind of knowledge that is formal, systematic knowledge that can be codified, written down, and passed on to others in documents or general instructions is known as, explicit knowledge 

Which one of the following types of forces creates pressure on management to copy or model the practices of other organizations when the situation is indecisive and uncertain? Mimetic force

Who has defined 3 types of of interdependence that influence organization structure? James Thompson

Which one of the following is the most common type of organizational structures in the small and medium size companies? Functional structure

The process of identifying where knowledge is located in an organization and how to use it is known as, knowledge mapping

The examples of the impact that technology has made on services include, ATM card , supermarket scanner , electronic hotel key (ALL of the Following )

When there is a high level of complementarities between the business lines, geographical positions, or skills of two companies, the firms often go which of the following option?  Formal Strategic Alliances

Organizational dimensions fall into two types. One is the structural dimension and the other one is Contextual dimensions

In the changing external environment, CEO of a large firm wants his employees and managers to have full authority for managing their respective department and to take relevant timely decisions themselves. What will be the name of his new strategy? Divisional structure

In which type of organizational culture, organization remains concerned for serving specific customers in the external environment but without the need for rapid change? THE MISSION CULTURE

which one of the following strategies supports high risk taking for utilizing new growth oriented opportunities in the market? Prospector:

Comment by Ilyas (MBS-Final Semester) on June 12, 2013 at 9:48pm

I need past quizzes and final term MCQs of MGT 504. Please upload those...


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