MGMT625 - Change Management GDB No. 1 Discussion & Solution Spring 2019 Due Date: May 29, 2019

Total Marks 5
Starting Date Thursday, May 23, 2019
Closing Date Wednesday, May 29, 2019
Status Open
Question Title Organizational Learning
Question Description

The Case:

Coca-Cola, the insanely famous brand was founded in the late 19th century. Coca-Cola has been in a firm position in the beverage market for over 120 years. It is the most famous international brand that has produced many products like Sprite, Fanta, Diet coke etc. In 1980s, Coca-Cola launched a new product called New Coke, a sweeter soda. The New coke didn’t turn out to be a successful product as it was the biggest mistake made by Coca-Cola. So Coca-Cola quickly replaced it with the older formula. It was able to react to consumer preferences to maintain its product’s appeal.

Coca cola has been through many change management challenges. Pepsi being its biggest competitor was a constant threat for Coca-Cola either in terms of product or market expansion. Coca-Cola has faced backlash for a time due to the amount of sugar it had that surely isn’t considered good for health, it was considered a cause of obesity too. Its sales dropped for a time when people came to know that it has cocaine in it. Despite all the negative publicity and having a major competitor in the international market, Coca-Cola emerged as the leading and most valuable brand of current times.


Points of Discussion:

After maturity, an organization has to face decline, after facing these enormous challenges, how did Coca Cola manage to escape/avoid decline and is still considered as the most successful and valuable brand?



Student’s Guide


  • Keep your discussion within the frame of requirement and avoid irrelevant answers and material. 
  • Be careful from those blogs who are promoting cheating culture among our students and killing their creativity and critical thinking. Answers copied from such blogs will be straightaway marked as zero. Similarly any relevant or irrelevant material copied from internet sources will get the same treatment. It can seriously damage your grades.
  • Read the latest announcement for instructions to attempt GDB.

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