Why should you join Telenor: At Telenor Pakistan, we give you the opportunity to become a skilled professional in your chosen field of interest. Being rated as the top employer of the country, we enable you to realize your dreams in an environment of diversity and openness to new mindsets.

Our Internship Program is a paid full time project-based internship. You will get the opportunity to work on real time projects and add value to the business. This will enable you to work in a fast-paced team environment to gain valuable career building skills.

For the Internship Program, we want diverse, culturally aware, well adaptable, well rounded and problem solving undergraduate and postgraduate students who wish to work for Telenor Pakistan and gain real world experience.

Area of Interest: Branding, Business Intelligence, Corporate Communications & Responsibility, Customer Relations, Human Resources, Internal Audit, IT Solutions, Marketing, Network Operations, Network Services, Products & Services, Public & Government Affairs, Revenue & Risk Assurance, Sales & Distribution, Segments & Pricing, Software Development, Strategy & Planning, Value Added Services, Internet & Device Marketing, Financial Services (Branchless Banking), Infrastructure Deployment - Network, Network Engineering, Services Development, Software Engineering, Technology Operations - IT, Technology Operations - Network

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Fanks for sharing (:

As salamo alekum, thanks ISLAM bani for sharing this useful information, the real question for u ISLAM bahi is that can u guide me about few things here,,,,, In my next semester in MONTH of AUGUST when it will be started i have my INTERNSHIP in that MONTH so i am trying to find out that in which department i should apply as yours company TELENOR is offering more area which is of my concern ,

So my question is that I have selected Information Technology as Specialization and have great interest in Management Area , what u will refer that in which area i should do internship...

Second what if i want to do internship in Telenor how should i contact the responsible persons, and get all other information to participate and get to know the procedure and rules and regulations .


Brother, Telenor offering different posts and internship program through its official website. you must get registration and vacancy alert. You may apply for the area of your interest online.





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