Respected sir,

I was freeze my first semester due to some domestic problem. And now I am thinking about to unfreeze my first semester. But there are a lot of questions on my mind which are given below.
1) After unfreeze will i start my semester with lecture # 1 ?
2) I have paid two installment of my first semester before freeze my semester. So how much i will pay money for first semester after unfreeze my semester ? Please send me proper price chart of unfreeze the semester for me.
3) If i do unfreeze my first semester on 1st april 2015 then after how many months my mid term paper and final term paper will be held for first semester? 
4) How much months vu will be offered after unfreeze any semester for complete the semester credit hours?
Please reply me asap. I shall be very thank full to you if you send me proper info regarding my questions.


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i need ur help Smster freez bary full  & Accurate detail bta dein

Open this link:

VU Student Hand Book

Click on: Registrar Office.

there you will find the options Semester Freeze and Unfreeze. 

Detailed info and procedure is given. 




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