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Mid Term Paper Fall 2016 From 17 December 2016 to 03 January 2017

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Paper pattern of CS712 - Distributed DBMS Fall 2016

Total questions= 14
10 MCQS = 10 marks
3 question = 5 marks
5x3= 15
Long Subjective 1 questions= 10 marks
10x1= 10
Total marks of mid term = 35

11: aik normlization thaa fromth given relation Student_info (Student_id,name,dob,zip,city,city) 1. normalize krien 2.konci normal form hai 3.type of FD batni thi aur explain krna tha

12: fragement drived horizantal iss mein input batna thi aur difference between memeber owner link btna tha

13 : aik question about agian matix affinity mein tha

14 : matrix affinity moulam krni thi from the given queries of three q1,q2,q3 given in 3 sites and matix also given 3x3 is mein matrix affinity moulam krni thi

Dear Anam
thanks for sharing your paper. if you are taking cs726 than kindly share its paper too. mine is on 28th december





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