Zakat Automation System CS619 Final Project Fall 2018 

Zakat Automation System


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Database Programming



The Zakat Automation System isa software which will be used for Zakat Comaittee of a union Council. This Application  is used to track the poor people who deserved for Zakat and also track the record of those people who give Zakat. So that Zakat can be distributed among deserving people in a better way.

Functional Requirements:


  1. Two types of user, admin and simple users.
  2. Chairman of the union council is the admin of the software.
  3. Counselors of the union council are the simple users of the software.
  4. The chairman will create the counselors users and keep track of all the activities of users.
  5. Counselors can store the Zakat giver and Zakat taker.
  6. The system will manage Zakat giver and Zakat taker in different tables.
  7. Both the Zakat giver and Zakat taker are registered through CNIC.
  8. System admin will keep track the record the amounts of Zakat is collected from Zakat taker and also keep track the record of Zakat amount that is distributed among the deserving people.
  9. System admin can also have the facility of generating reports of both Zakat taker and Zakat giver, total amount that is collected and total amount that is distributed.











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