Web Based Sports Events Management Platform for VUP CS619 Final Project Fall 2018

Web Based Sports Events Management Platform for VUP CS619 Final Project Fall 2018 


Web Based Sports Events Management Platform for VUP



Project Domain / Category

Web programming.



The main purpose of this project is to simplify the process of handling each sports event by providing a web interface for admin and teacher. The admin part consists of multiple modules to initiate with the sports event by adding the type of sport (indoor or outdoor), adding a student who are interested in a particular sports activity, adding teachers who will conduct the particular sports activity which is allotted by the admin itself and lastly, viewing the results of sports event held in the Virtual University Of Pakistan (VUP). The teacher part has come up with handling all the sports related activity assigned by the admin. Teacher performs various task such as taking the attendance of the students who are registered for a particular sport event, viewing the list of students to mark the winner of each round, generating the results based on multiple rounds won by the student and also can view the 1st, 2nd and 3rd standings of student’s name for the particular sport event.This Sports Events Management Platform for Virtual University Of Pakistan(VUP) will be developed using the .NET platform and support and MS SQL Server database. The main objectives of the system are:


  • To reduce the extra paper work
  • To retrieve the desired information quickly
  • To reduce the number of documents and registers
  • To convert the entire manual process of sports event management into the online computerized process


Functional Requirements:



  • Admin will addSports Event (Type: Indoor/Outdoor)
  • Admin will add Students participating in sports
  • Admin will addTeachers (Allots Sport Event)
  • Admin will View Results
  • Teacher will record Sports Event Attendance
  • Teacher can markstudents i.e Winners of each round)
  • Teacher can generatedresults (Based on Max win by a student)
  • Teacher will viewed Standings/Positions.
  • Student can view the final results i.e winners/positions etc.
  1. Multiple teacher can use the web interface to login and perform the desired task.
  2. The system also contains players details and information so that the admindoesn’t have problem in searching for them.
  3. The system provides immediate details of playerstudents, which are available in the Virtual University Of Pakistan (VU) campuses..



ASP.NET Or C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Crystal report, MS SQL Server,



Name: Qaiser Shabbir

Email ID:  qaiser.shabbir@vu.edu.pk

Skype ID: qaiser_shabir

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