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Watches hold an important role in our daily lives not because of keeping us up to date with the time but also because of serving as a fashion accessary.  In this modern era, possessing different types ofwatches has become a status symbol.  In view of this, the proposed project aims to develop a shopping website named as “Watch Zone” through which the registered users could be able to purchase watches of different categories such asMen’s Watches, Lady’sWatches, Casual Watches,Sports Watches, Smart Watches,Luxury Watches, and Wall Clocks etc.There will be interactive and user friendly interfaces on the website providing the detail of available watches in different categories /sub categories. A user will be able to purchase / make order against available watches after registration on the website and passing through the payment methods.Payment method will be either through credit card or through cash on delivery. In addition, the website will provide facility of searching different types of watches through different filters.  Online shopping of the watches through “Watch Zone” will remove the overhead of physically visiting the watch market for this purpose.



Functional Requirements:


Following are the key functional requirements of proposed Project:


  1. Sign In and User Registration


There will be three categories of Website users:


  • Visitor (Unregistered User)
  • Registered User
  • Administrator(Admin)


Visitor will be able to just see the available watcheson the website.

Registered user will have the privileges to purchase watchesavailable on the website.

Administrator will be the user of website having all the rights of Stock management (making watches available on the website)as well as user management.Admin will also approve the registration requests from users.

There will be Sign In interface for registered users and Sign Up interface for unregistered users to register on the website.


  1. Email Notification and Verification


An unregistered user will register him/her on the website. On submitting the registration information, an email notification will be sent with a confirmation link to the user’s given email ID. On confirmation through link, the Admin will approve the registration requests from users.


  1. UploadingWatch’s information on Website


There will be interactive interface(s)to upload the information of watches on the website. Only the Admin user will have these rights.  Admin will also be able to upload the Watch Manuals against each item (watch) in the form of PDF file.


  1. Display of Watches on the website


The watch name, model, thumbnail image, price and number of items available in stock should be displayed on the website in proper design. On clicking the thumbnail, the website will maximize the watch image.



  1. Placing Order (Purchasing Watches) on the Website


The website will allow the registered user(s) to make order against their selected items. There will be proper interfaces on the website in this regard. The user will first have to select the item to put into the shopping cart, and then will have to pass through any of the payment method i.e. through credit card or cash on delivery.


  1. Confirmation Email on successful transaction:


Confirmation Email on successful transaction through credit card as the payment mode, a confirmation email will be sent to the user’s provided email.



  1. Search System on Website


Searching Watches:

All types of users will be able to search Watches by different filters such as:


  • Category wise (Men’s Watches, Ladies Watches, Sports Watches, Smart Watches, and Luxury Watches, Wall Clocks etc.)
  • Brand wise (Casio, Citizen, Seiko, Rado, Western Watch etc.)
  • Sub type wise (Digital, Chronograph, and Water Proof etc.)
  • Price Rangewise
  • Material Wise (Leather, Gold, Silver, Plastic etc.)
  • Any Related Keyword


Searching Registered Users:


Administrator willalso be able to search the registered users by different filters such as:


  • User ID
  • User Names
  • Cities
  • Countries
  • Order Placing Date







PHP, Java, HTML, ASP.Net, SQL Server, MySQL / MySQLi



Name: Muhammad Saeed Amjad


Skype ID:saeed.lro



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