Vehicle Maintenance Workshop CS619 Final Project Fall 2018 

Vehicle Maintenance Workshop




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WebBased Application





There are a bunch of activities while workingin a vehicle maintenance workshop. Several mechanics with different skills set work at such points. Managing the record of mechanics assigned for different tasks along with spare parts is a daunting task. We will distribute the workload of car maintenance on mechanics as per their skills set. At the end we will have a billing process.



Functional Requirements:

Following are the main features of our application:

  1. Login procedure for customers, manager and owner.
  2. Manager will enter the recommended service activitiesfora car.
  3. Customer may approve all recommended service activities or any of them ignoring the rest.
  4. Customer may also list down service tasks on his own.
  5. The service activities approved/suggested by the customer will be assigned a mechanic.
  6. After the service tasks are accomplished by the mechanic, the bill will be generated.
  7. The bill will be comprised of price of spare parts along with labour charges.
  8. A customer will be able to view the complete details of all service activities performed on his/her car.
  9. The customer will also keep track of pending services needed for his/her car.
  10. The owner should be able to view total number of cars serviced on daily basis.
  11. The owner will also be able to have a complete report of total sales of spare parts categorically on daily basis.





SQL Server



Name: Zulfiqar Ali Khan


Skype ID: zulfiqarmrd

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