Students Attendance System CS619 Final Project Fall 2018 

Students Attendance System



Project Domain / Category

This project belongs to Database category (Desktop Base application)



“Students Attendance System” is a password (PIN Code) protected system which facilitate the attendance of students in educational institutes. It provides the most reliable way of uniquely identifying students through password (PIN Code). This system may be used in schools as well as in colleges for daily attendance. It will facilitate the school/college administration to maintain class attendance with little efforts.




Functional Requirements:

A set of functional requirements of the proposed system may include the following.


  1. Each student would login to the system through password (PIN Code)
  2. The password of the student would compare with the stored password in the database.
  3. The student attendance would mark only when it match with stored password.
  4. The system would be able to generate Date-wise report.
  5. The system would be able to generate course-wise report.
  6. The system would be able to generate the report of those students whose attendance is less than a specific percentage (Defaulter students).
  7. Only the system administrator could take print of all reports.


Students are supposed to visit the problem domain to get more functional requirements and understand the problem.



SQL Server 2008, VB.Net etc.



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