Student Security and Management System (SSMS) CS619 Final Project Fall 2018 

Student Security and Management System (SSMS)






Jibran Khan


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There is a lot of need for a student security software in today’s security situation going on in Pakistan. Parents are normally worried about their children security and keeping in touch with their other academic activities. For working parents it is not easy to keep track of their children and need easy interfaces so that they can check their children status on cell phone or on internet and be aware about their children’s academics activities along with their attendance record and assignment’s status.

Student security and management system will allow parents to check their children’s attendance record and other academic activities. SSMS is an online system which will automatically send SMS when students enter the school or college and will also send a notification when students leave the college.

Moreover this system will be able to provide detailed assistants to parents about overall academic record and will initiate SMS’s in case of student’s absence without approval. The main objective of this software is to keep students safe and away from illegal activities and to provide assistance to parents about their children.


Functional Requirements:


  1. The admin user can login and logout.
  2. The admin user can enter all students’ record that are present for that day along with time in.
  3. The admin user can enter all student’s record that are absent.
  4. The admin user that enter student’s assignment status.
  5. The admin user that enter student’s date sheet, monthly tests status, fee status etc.
  6. The admin user can click button to send SMS to parents about their time in and out. 


  1. Parents need user name and password to access the system.
  2. Parents can file application for their children for leave.
  3. Parents can view time in and out of their children.
  4. Parents can check overall academic status of their children.


PHP, MySQL, Xammp, Notepad++.




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