School Management System Test Phase Fall 2017 

Final Project CS619, Fall 2017

Project Name: College Management System


An institute offers admissions in different disciplines. To facilitate far flung areas students, the administration decided to make an online webpage through which students can get registered online.  

  1. You are required to design an interactive form which will accept necessary bio data of the student and save it in database.

The sample form shuold look like the following screen shot.

  1. Make some restriction or validation checks on all fields which make sure that no field can be left empty while pressing Save and Update button.
  2. The student can search, update delete a student info from the database through form interface.

Hints: The student database has two tables “Std_Info” and “Std_Course”

Note: You are required to create this database in SQL Server 2008 (or some other DBMS). Furthermore, Create a Form in VB.Net (or some other language) which Add Student information and Course Information.


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