Real Estate Management System CS619 Final Project Spring 2018 

Real Estate Management System

Project Domain / Category


Web Programming







Real Estate Management System (REMS) is a web application that will allow its users to view, compare, bid and make advance payments for the properties listed over the web site.



The application will also provide its users with the facility of searching for different properties on the basis of:


  • Area covered by property


  • Location (by province or city)


  • Price range


  • Number of bedrooms


  • Number of Stories




This web application will consist of 3 main modules:



Admin should be able to add/remove/modify any property details entered by the owner of the property for the correctness purpose.



Owners of the properties will have an option to get registered on the website and then post their properties for users to view and buy.



User should be able to search, bid, compare and make advance payment for the property once the owner of the property has accepted the bid.




Detailed Description of Roles:




  • Admin should be able to create/remove/modify registered owners



  • Admin should be able to accept or reject any registration request submitted by the property owners




  • The registered Owner should be able to add properties through their account and those properties should be visible to the users after the admin’s approval.



  • The property details should include o Property Title


o Area Covered o Location


o Bedrooms o Stories


You can add any other parameters suitable for describing property specifications



  • The registered owner should be able to accept or reject bids made by the users and should be able to ask for the down payment from the user to secure the bid.






  • User should be able to view all the information available on the website



  • User should be able to search the for the properties different parameters (already mentioned above)



  • User should be provided with the facility to compare different properties in the tabular form.



  • User should be able to bid and if the bid is accepted by the property owner, user should be able to make the advance payment online as well. Bid and payment option should be available to the registered users only


  • You can use any payment method Credit card/ PayPal etc


Tools and Languages:

You can use any combination of the tools and languages from the following:


HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Wordpress, WAMP server, SQL, Dreamviewer, Notepad++ etc



Name: Fahad Naseem Email ID: Skype ID: live:go2fahad_2


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