Rapid Web Page Designer Web Based Application CS619 Final Project Fall 2017  

Rapid Web Page Designer


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Web Application




With rapid shift to web-based application development, most of the programmers are converting to this regime. However, writing manual code is not only the hectic job but wastes time as well. We need a Rapid Web Page Designer (RWPD) tool that could not only design web pages for us and create style sheets but also produce source code accordingly. RWPD is such an online application that lets developers design web page through visual interface. Application will also enable programmer to attach CSS styles and create the final HTML source code as well. Creating web pages, in this way will result in performance and efficiency of the web developers.


Functional Requirements:



✓   RWPD will provide online toolbox through which user will be able to select any of the HTML tags. Note that all HTML tags (element) e.g. <Div>, <P>, <H1>, <Img>, <TABLE> etc. will be provided in the form of tools.


✓   Once a tool (html element) is dragged on the design window, the effect will be visible on design window. Selecting any element on design window should properties window. Two separate properties windows will visible. One to change the tag attributes and other to apply CSS styles.


✓     User will be able to edit the attached CSS style visually e.g. size, color, font-width etc.


✓    Any modification in style or tag attributes immediately applied to element and shows the effects of change on design window.


✓     Options will be given to user to create in-line styles or in separate CSS file.


✓       There should be option to see actual design by clicking “Show Design Output”.


✓   Publishing the design will use code generated by our application and create an html file along a CSS file. If user will select inline style option then only HTML file will generated which will contain CSS properties inside each HTML tag.


✓    Application will separately show the tag hierarchy i.e. the containers and contained tags in the form of tree.






Name :Muhammad Ahmad Lodhi


Email : ahmadlodhi@vu.edu.pk

Skype id: ahmad_lodhi

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