Online Student Teacher Meeting Scheduler Test Phase Fall 2017 

Test Phase


You are required to develop an application in PHP and MySQL.

Through this application, any user can get registered but he/she will be able to login after admin approval.

There will be a registration/signup page which will take details from user like username, password, e-mail address, phone etc. The username should be unique. If there is already a user in system with same username, the application should display message to change username. After user details are saved in database, the application should display message that you will be able to login after admin approval.

The admin will login to the system by providing username, password. Then the list of pending requests will be displayed to him/her. Admin can approve or reject any request. There should be an interface where admin can see all rejected and approved requests.

When a user tries to login, there are four possibilities:

  1. User request is pending
  2. User request is rejected by admin
  3. Username does not match with the records in database
  4. User request is approved by admin

The system will display a message accordingly for the first three cases. For the approved users, system should display a page with text “Welcome to the application”.

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