Online Livestock Farm Manager CS619 Final Project Fall 2018 

Online Livestock Farm Manager
This system will allow livestock farm management operations. It will support multi branch (called farms or stations) to record, manage and analyze cattle data. The system will support following form of cattle only:
- Cow
- Buffalo
The system will allow user to enter day to day data of all animals, to a central place. The users will be able to edit data as per rules defined. The main data entry/editing will be for animal birth, disease, treatment, milk production etc.
Functional requirements
It would support four categories of users namely:
 Super User
 Live Stock Manage [Country Level]
 Farm Manager [Farm or Station level]
 DEOs (Data Entry Operators) [Farm or Station level]
1. System provides authenticated and authorized access.
2. Different users have different time period for any edition in existing records (it will be based upon the record entry date and time).
3. System allows data entry of protein and fat along with milk production.
4. System manages the fodder record.
5. System maintains the record of all the animals by their ID.
6. System can automatically fill all missed record on behalf of trend of milk production (increased/decreased etc.) for limited no of days.
7. The user can edit the record of his assigned station only.
8. System allows Super User and Live Stock Manager to generate various reports.
9. Any report data can be exported to MS Excel.
10. The DEO and Farm Manager user can manage:
a. Breeding and Reproduction Record
b. Milk Production Record
c. Disease Record
d. Disposal Record
e. Bull Service Record
f. Calf Status Record
g. Fertility Position Record
Tools: Any modern web application development& DBMS tools. NOTE: The web site look and feel should be aesthetic, for which you are encouraged to use Bootstrap/CSS or any other relevant tools.
Supervisor Name: Syed Shah Muhammad Supervisor Email ID: Supervisor Skype ID: mscsvu

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