Online Hospital Information System CS619 Final Project Spring 2018 

Online Hospital Information System




Project Domain / Category


Web application







Online hospital information system is a software application that fulfills the overall information needs of hospital administration. This project will be able to cover all aspects of hospitals such as medical, administrative, finance and patient management.



In this application the staff will be able to schedule appointments, check duty timings of doctors, submission of fee for OPD, conducting diagnostics tests and generating reports regarding patients, diagnostics tests, salaries and different financial matters both on demand and periodic.




Functional Requirements:


  1. The administrator user can login and logout.


  1. The administrator user can add and edit staff record.


  1. The administrator can schedule outdoor patient appointments.


  1. The administrator can view history of a patient


  1. The administrator can create receipts for outdoor patient’s fee.


  1. The administrator can add, edit or print data of indoor patients.


  1. The administrator can print reports for different purposes such as patients data, patients fee, patients previous history, Diagnostics test results, Appointments for each doctor etc.


  1. The administrator can add, edit, or view different aspects of pharmacy such as medicines available, medicines which needs to be purchases, monthly and early bills etc.


  1. The patient can sign up to the HIS.


  1. The patient can login and out.


  1. The patient can view the results of diagnostics tests. 12. The patient can take printouts of the diagnostics reports. 13. The patient can place request for appoints.


  1. The patient can view details of doctors.

  1. The patient can view different financial bills such as appointment charges, medical bills, bills of diagnostics test etc.


  1. In case of any complaint, the patient user can submit his/her complaint


Tools:, Php, MySQL, Xammp, MS vision.




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