Online Grocery Store CS619 Final Project Spring 2018 

Online Grocery Store

Project Domain / Category


Web Application


Abstract / Introduction


It is a web based application which will assist end users to do online grocery from their home without going to store thus saving the time of customers. The purpose of this web application is to provide an online shopping experience to consumers for their daily grocery needs and planned purchases of housewares, electronics, furniture, toys, gifts, etc. A facility of feedback form and customer reviews has been provided in this application in order to maintain customer trust and satisfaction. It will keep the updated list of items/products based on their categories, item name, company name, manufacturing date, expired date, warranty etc. SMS will be sent to regular customers on any promotion and sale. Customers will have rating based on shopping. Customers will have three categories basic, silver and gold based on these categories different discounts will be offered to the customers.



Functional Requirements


There will be following two panels in this application:


  • Administrator


  • Customer


The functional requirements of these panels are as follows:






  • Login process to allow authentic user to access the admin panel.


  • Admin will be able add the list of categories such as Food, Clothes, Electronics, Furniture, Toys, Gifts, and Kitchen Accessories and so on. Admin will then add the list of items for each category. Items can be added based on their name, prices, company name, pictures of products. For food items, admin will have to add manufacturing and expiry date. For the list of electronics, admin will add information regarding warranty.


  • Admin can also update and delete the categories and items.

  • Admin will be able to add/update/delete information about promotions and sales.


  • Admin can send SMS to regular customers on any promotion and Sale.


  • Admin will be able to view customer’s profile, feedback and reviews.


  • Admin will be able to generate Sales Report and profit on monthly basis.


  • SMS will be sent to regular customers on any promotion and Sale.







  • Customers will get them registered in this application and then will be able to access the web site by logging into system.


  • Customer can update his/her profile.


  • Customer can view/search the list of items based on their categories.


  • Customer can add the items in their Wish List.


  • Customer can view the feedbacks and reviews of other customers regarding any product.


  • Customers can add the product/item in the Cart and select any of three payment options Cash on delivery, Payment via Credit Card or online transfer.


  • Customer can update and conceal the order.


  • Customer can view the Sales and promotions on web site as well as via SMS.




Tools and Languages:


Visual Studio, .NET Framework, C#/Java, SQL Server




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