Online Food Corner CS619 Final Project Fall 2018 

Online Food Corner
Project Domain / Category
Web Programming
In this project, we will build a web-based application named as “Online Food Corner”, in which different type of users can order the required food items.
The user first visits the web application and selects the required food item from the E menu card. The admin can manage all the activities in order to deliver the user selected food items.
Functional Requirements:
Admin panel:
1. The admin user can login and logout.
2. The admin user can view, add, delete and edit different food items in the E menu Card. The admin user must provide the food item name, price, picture, quantity etc. at the time of adding food items.
3. The admin can forward the user order to the Chef.
4. The admin user can assign the order to the delivery team.
5. The admin user can purchase all the food items and the record of the purchased item must be maintained.
6. The admin user can manage the billing information as well.
User panel:
1. The user first visits the “Online Food Corner”.
2. The user can search for different food items from the E menu card.
3. The user must register himself/herself before selecting a food item. In the registration process, the user must provide all the details like name, address, cell no, etc.
4. After selecting different food items, the user must add all the selected food items in his/her order by clicking on the Proceed order button/link.
5. The user can edit, delete items from his/her order.
6. The user can also check the status of his/her order, whether it is delivered or not, its delivery time etc.
7. The user must pay the charges on delivery time.
8. The user can logout.
PHP, MySQL, Xammp
Name: Akmal khan
Email ID:
Skype ID: akmal_vu

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