Online Fast food ordering system CS619 Final Project Spring 2018 

Online Fast food ordering system


Project Domain / Category

Web Programming-B2C


Abstract / Introduction


Home delivery of fast food via phone call is popular. The process seems easy to use but at times there is miscommunication sometimes. The main drawback of placing order via phone call is that there is no visual menu shown, the employees have to repeat a lot of things again and again to the customers. It’s a time consuming process which at times irritates customers.


It would be much more comfortable for the customers to have an online ordering system. It would be hassle free for users as they can select the food item they want and make payment for it. Also it will reduce the purchasing time for customers. Let us look at another benefit of using this system. Suppose I go to a fast food point and make order. Even after ordering fast food from their outlet, I have to wait at least 15 minutes for my order to be ready. Wouldn’t it be much more convenient if I ordered my fast food before using an online system and then it will tell me the time by which I have to pick my order from their counter!! It would be great for me as I don’t need to wait for my order. I need to reach there only when my order is ready.


In a nutshell, we can say that improved and efficient services are provided to the customers by the inclusion of internet in your business. As a business point of view it gives you an edge over your competitors.


Functional Requirements:


  1. Create accounts user and admin for order booking and viewing.


  1. Admin can view the placed order and delivered orders.


  1. Admin can insert, update and delete the food items from the menu list.


  1. Customer can select food items from menu and can add the desired food items to the cart.


  1. Customer can place the order and gets the confirmation against that order in the form of order no.


  1. Customer can check the status of his/her placed order.



Visual Studio, C#, Java, HTML, XML, MySql.



Name: Syed Aun Ali Bukhari

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Skype ID: syed.aun89

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