Online Customized T-shirts Designing CS619 Final Project Spring 2018 

Online Customized T-shirts Designing


Project Domain / Category

Web based application


Abstract / Introduction


Online customized T-shirt designing is a web site where a registered user can design his\her own T-shirts based on different provided templates. A user after registration can select a t-shirt color, t-shirt type and size. After that user can start designing the t-shirt. For T-shirt designing a stage is available to users. In designing interface different sticker sizes, templates, fonts, shapes etc. are available to user using which a user can design a T-shirt.


Functional Requirements:


Provide a bulleted list of functional requirements


  1. User should be registered on web site


  1. On designing interface a stage and different designing options should be available


  1. Different types of T-shirt (With Collar, without collar, round necked, V-neck, full sleeves, half sleeves, sleeveless etc.) samples\templates should be available on designing interface of web site


  1. Upon selection of T-shirt from template T-shirt must be appeared on stage for designing
  2. Colour ranges can be selected from a drop down box.


  1. On change of colour the t-shirt colour should also be changed on stage
  2. User can design on a specific rectangle area of specific size


  1. Different design area sizes must be available in this interface


  1. Different shapes (cartoon characters, flowers, stars, etc.) must be available in this interface.


  1. Different font styles and effect should be in this interface 11. User can select drag drop the shapes and text on the stage 12. User can change text on stage


  1. User can also upload a customize image for t-shirt.
  2. After designing task is completed user must submit finish button.


  1. Upon click of finish button, the designed T-Shirt image along with T-Shirt information should be stored.



PHP\ or any server side scripting language


SQL\MY SQL\Oracle\ or any other database management system



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