Online Cake Ordering System CS619 Final Project Spring 2018 

Online Cake Ordering System

Project Domain / Category


Web Programming


Abstract / Introduction


Online Cake Ordering system will facilitate customers to order cake online and get it at door steps or collect it from shop. The customers can view different categories of cakes such as Wedding Cakes, Birthday cakes, Cartoon Character cakes for kids, Festival Cakes etc. The customers can view all details about a particular cake such as its name, type, flavour, weight, and price etc. To place an order, customer first needs to register on website by providing personal details. After successful registration, login details will be provided to customer. In order to place order, customer has to first login and then he/she will have to perform two steps. In first step, he/she has to select basic details like cake type, flavour, weight, delivery date, time and place. In second step, he/she has to select payment mode. Two payment modes


“Cash on Delivery” and “Payment via Credit Card” will be provided to customers so that they select any payment mode as per their convenience. After performing these two steps customer will be asked to confirm the order. After order confirmation, a summary report of customer order along with billing information will be provided to customer. The system will allow customer to cancel the order but within defined time period. Previous sales of each customer will also be maintained by the system. Some discounts and promotion offers will also be offered.


Functional Requirements:


Customer’s Requirements:


FR1.         View different categories of cakes.


FR2.         View details (cake name, type, material used, flavour, weight, price etc.) of each




FR3.         Customer registration


FR4.         Select cake options and place order


FR5.         View summary report of their order.

FR6.         View and pay the bill


FR7.         Cancel order within defined time period.


FR8.         Record customer feedback about the quality of cakes etc.


FR9.         Contact with the cake shop to give suggestions and ask queries.


Admin’s Requirements:


FR10.       Add, update and delete different categories of cakes


FR11.       Add, update and delete details of a particular cake.


FR12.       Assign unique id to each customer


FR13.       Generate summary report of each order


FR14.       Generate bill of each order.


FR15.       Handling payments


FR16.       Maintaining sales information


FR17.       Keep records of registered customers, their suggestions, feedback, and queries




FR18.       Provide discount offers


Note: Requirements can be Added/Updated as per need.




Microsoft Visual Studio (C#.Net) and SQL Server




Name: UmraNaeem

Email ID:


Skype ID: umra.naeem

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