Online BillMart Store CS619 Final Project Fall 2018 

Online BillMart Store


Project Domain / Category

Web Application


Abstract/ Introduction:


In the today’s ecommerce world, different types of stores are going to build their businesses through Internet.The main objective of the Online Shopping System project is to help the customers an easy way to buy the different kinds of products from anywhere.It is so much beneficial for sellers to increase the business. It is beneficial in terms that not only local customers could purchase different desired items but the users from different places could also buy desired items.

This project will contain complete list of differentitems (garments, shoes, cosmetics, showpieces, jewelry) displayed in several categories and the user can browse through that items as per category. Any user can visit available products but only registered user will be able to buy desired items. If the user likes a product, he/she may add it to his/her shopping cart. User can select any payment option that he/she wish to like credit card or cash on delivery. After successful, completion of transaction user will receive successful transaction message on his/her mobile and a copy of the shopping receipt on email id. Admin will manage users, orders and whole system.


Responsibilities and functions of each user are given below:


  • Product Management: Admin can Add, Update and Delete items into the system
  • Category/ Sub Category Creation: Admin can create main Category and Sub Category of items
  • Order Management: Admin can manage orders
  • User Management: Admin can manage registered users
  • User Registration:User can register to the system
  • User login system: After registration user can login to the system
  • Change password: User can change his/her password
  • Profile management: User can change his/her profile information
  • Shopping cart: User can add any number of desired items in cart and can proceed for order
  • Order History: User can check his/her order history
  • Search option: User can search items by Category
  • Payment:User can select any payment option(credit card or cash on delivery)
  • Order Confirmation message: After successful completion oftransaction user will receive confirmation message on his/her mobile and a copy of the shopping receipt on email id.








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