Neuro-Fuzzy logic Based Recruiting system For HR Department CS619 Final Project Fall 2018

Neuro-Fuzzy logic Based Recruiting system For HR Department CS619 Final Project Fall 2018 


Neuro-Fuzzy logic Based Recruiting system For HR Department







Noureen Hameed


Proposal Evaluation Committee Comments/Approval




 Project Domain / Category

                                                               Web Based


Abstract / Introduction:


This system will enable a more effective way to short list submitted candidate CVs from a large number of applicants providing a consistent and fair CV ranking policy, which can be legally justified. System will rank the experience and key skills required for particular job position. Than system will rank the CV’s based on the experience and other key skills which are required for particular job profile. This system will help the HR department to easily shortlist the candidate based on the CV ranking policy.

Candidate here will register him/herself with all its details and will upload their own CV into the system, which will be further used by the system to shortlist their CV.



Functional Requirements:


  • This system will automatically determine the key skill characteristic by defining each expert's preferences and ranking decisions.
  • The presented system automates the processes of requirements specification and applicant's ranking.


Neuro Fuzzy Logic Explanation

  • Neural network techniques will be used for employee ranking
  • System will assign weight age for each requirement
  • Resume will be shortlisted based on overall weight age


Example: -














For Helping material consult the following:


The system comprises of 2 major modules with their sub-modules as follows:


  • Login: Admin need to login with its valid credentials to access the below modules.
  • Add Personality Questions: Here, admin can add all the personality related questions.
  • Add Aptitude Questions: Admin can add aptitude questions of three subject as English, math’s and programming with its respective four options.
  • Add Job Details: Admin or any authorized person can add the requirement or job details on behalf of company. System allows admin to job details such as position, experience, salary, etc.
  • Preferred CV’s: Admin will add some CV’s which are preferable and will be used to shortlist the scanned CV’s.
  • Scan CV: Admin can scan CV’s received from candidates which will undergo the process of shortlisting the CV’s. Based on the company requirement, the candidate who has submitted their CV to admin or any authorized person will be uploaded by the admin into the system.
  • Shortlisted CV’s: Here, all the shortlisted CV’s of candidates will be displayed. The shortlisting of CV’s is performed by system itself.
  • View Candidates: Can view all the registered candidates with its details.


  • View Result: Can view the results of individual candidate, which can be easy to admin or concern person to select a desired candidate.
  • Candidate:
    • Registration: To access the below given modules, candidate must fill up registration form and create login credentials in order to get the access to the system. While registration process, candidate need to upload their CV.
    • Login: Candidate need to enter valid credentials to access the below given modules.
    • Give Test: After successful login, candidate can now proceed with online test based on personality and aptitude.

View Results: Once the test is completed by the candidate, the results will be displayed in a graphical representation




GUI Design: Web Based (Any tool)


Web Services / Web APIs: Java / C# / PHP


Database:  MySQL / / SQL Server

Name:  Noureen Hameed

Email ID:

Skype ID: noureen.uaf


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