“mytoystore” - Online Store for Toys Shopping CS619 Final Project Spring 2018

“mytoystore” - Online Store for Toys Shopping CS619 Final Project Spring 2018 

“mytoystore” - Online Store for Toys Shopping

 Project Domain / Category:


Web Programming






mytoystore - Online Store for Toys Shopping” is a website that offers purchase service to the webpage visitors. It offers different variants of a single toy. Main categories should include Electronic Toys, Mechanical Toys and Stuffed Toys [-you can add more categories as per needed-] . Toys will be delivered to the address provided by user/buyers during prescribed delivery hours.


Payment will be made by cash on delivery.






  1. Administrator


  1. Visitor


  1. User (Buyer)




Functional Requirements:




GUI interface:


  1. Main page will show different toys, categories list etc.


  1. Sing Up/ Login Page: Signup page will be used to register a visitor of website.


  1. Preview Page: When user/visitor clicks on any item, a new page for the details of the item should be shown to user/visitor.


  1. Video preview: There must be a video preview available to user/visitor on Preview page. A short video for the selected item should be played for user/visitor.




  1. A visitor is a non-registered user of the website.

  1. Can view different toys and can explore different categories


  1. Can register to the website using Signup page in order to make a purchase.


User (Buyer):


  1. User can view the information about toys.


  1. Add different toys to the shopping cart.


  1. Buyer will have to fill a form for required details needed to confirm the order.


  1. A buyer can cancel an order before confirmation or can check-out from the main page.


  1. After collecting toys, a buyer can write feedback on webpage.




  1. Updates toys information


  1. Manages toys repository


  1. Generates reports from system


  1. Manages categories of toys





  • Online payments e.g credit/debit card, online vouchers can be implemented later.


  • Return policies might be defined as per needed.




[NOTE: Student can add/enhance requirements as per needed.]




WAMP server, PHP, MySQL, HTML editors (Dreamviewer, Notepad++).






Name: Abdul Majid Khokhar

Email ID:  abdulmajid@vu.edu.pk

Skype ID: abdulmajidkk

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