My Time Planner CS619 Final Project Spring 2018 

My Time Planner

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Mobile Application





Time can be termed as one of most precious resource that should be managed and utilized very efficiently to achieve maximum productivity. In today’s busy life, many activities (such as office tasks, house hold tasks, various events and any other daily life activity) are going on simultaneously and managing/remembering all of these activities is very difficult. The proposed application will allow users to plan and schedule their activities on hourly, daily, weekly basis (or any specified time duration). The application will remind user for any upcoming activity/event through notifications and alarms. With the help of this application, users can improve their daily life routine by doing more tasks with their time.


Functional Requirements:



  • User should be allowed to add / remove / modify different pre-defined activities/sub-activities as per his/her daily routine.


  • User should be able to schedule his/her activities from pre-defined activities/sub-activities (or any other custom activity/event).


  • User may add/remove repeating activities and events.


  • Application will provide facility to add reminders (or multiple reminders) in the form of notifications and alarms as defined by user while scheduling any activity or event.


  • Application will remind user regarding upcoming activity/event well before time (or as defined by user during scheduling).


  • Application will allow user to modify/delete his/her scheduled activities/events.


  • Application will provide different reports regarding activities on hourly, daily, weekly basis (or any custom range) for better time management.

  • Application will provide import data and export data feature in case user wants to switch from one device to another.


  • Application should provide password based secure access to user to manage his/her activities.


Tools / Technologies:



Android Studio, SQLite




Name: Kanwar Abrar Ahmad

Email ID:

Skype ID: kanwarabrar

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