METEOROLOGICAL Information System CS619 Final Project Spring 2018 

METEOROLOGICAL Information System


Project Domain / Category

Web Programming


Abstract / Introduction


The Meteorological Information System (MIS) is a system to gather, store and manipulate latest weather information and to provide access to historical data. Main purpose is to provide timely access to weather information, efficient data manipulation, and graphical information.



Aim of MIS is to provide Better information for better decisions by weather observations and forecasts. It will facilitate visual inspection by weather icons, comparisons graphs and Maps. It will alert users of hazardous climate changes to keep them safe and to minimize risk elements. It will highlight informed planning for climate variability and long term climate changes which will be helpful in planning of travelling, farming, tourism, sports etc.


Functional Requirements:


  1. The user will be able to check latest Tropical Weather Maps and Satellite images of country


  1. The user will be able to see Daily detailed temperature of Pakistan 20 main cities


  1. The user will be able to see Daily detailed temperature of capitals of South Asian Countries
  2. The user will be able to check Important global and local weather news


  1. The user will be able to get Location based Notifications
  2. The users will be able to get road travelling and flights information alerts


  1. The system shall provide Weekly Farming forecast details (Soil Moisture, humidity, precipitation and temperature in numerical and graphical form)
  2. The system shall provide Hurricane and storms headlines


  1. The system shall maintain weather info graphics




PHP, JavaScript



Name: Madeeha Rashid

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Skype ID: madeeharashid

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