Match Rings Android Board Game CS619 Final Project Fall 2018 


Match Rings Android Board Game


Project Domain

Mobile Game Apps


Circle breaker is a 3x3 grid (board) game app which will run on mobile or tab. The idea of game is to match color of circles (rings), if color of rings matches in a column (vertically), row (horizontally) or diagonally then blast (disappear) those rings from board. To win the game, player will remove all rings from board. When all boxes of board are filled and no option to blast rings is left then player loses the game.

Functional Requirements:

Abstract level requirements of game are given below. Student will provide detailed requirements in SRS document.

  1. Game application should have a board of three rows and three columns of boxes. Intersection of each row and column will be called a cell.
  2. There will be three types of rings in game which can placed in a cell.
    1. Small ring
    2. Large ring
    3. Double ring (small ring inside large ring). Double ring can have same color or two different colors (of inner and outer rings).
  3. At start of game,cell at center of the board will be auto filled with any random ring. Random ring can be of any type given in point-2 and any color from our decided three color given in points-4.
  4. Color of ring can be purple, green and red. Double ring will have any two colors from given three.
  5. If cell is empty than player can put any type of ring in that cell.
  6. If colors of rings in a row, column or diagonally match then blast those rings which have same color. Suppose a cell contains double ring, if inner ring matched then only inner ring will blast along with rings of two other cells, if outer ring matched then only outer ring should blast, inner ring will stay placed.
  7. If player blasted all rings on board, he/she will be considered winner.
  8. On each turn, a ring will be generated randomly, player will grab it and put (move) in any legal cell.
  9. If all cells of board are filled and player does not have any option to put available ring then player will lose the game.

Following art work and demonstration will help in understanding and working of game.

Types of ring


Colors of ring


In boxes A1, C1 and A2we still have option to put a large ring (as existing rings are small).

Similarly, in boxes B1, C2, B3 and C3 there is an option to put a small ring. In following table, purple rings

In cell A1, B2 and C3 should burst as they have same color. Other rings should stay placed.









Working of similar game is showing on following link.



Android studio

Microsoft Xamarian


Programming Language: Java or C#




Name:Muhammad Ahmad Lodhi


Skype id: ahmad_lodhi

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