Lifestyle Reforms by Weight Management- Mobile App CS619 Final Project Fall 2018 

Lifestyle Reforms by Weight ManagementApp







Asma Batool


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Project Domain / Category

Mobile Application


Abstract / Introduction


Now a days every individual including men and women of all ages, young ones even school going kids have somewhat hectic routine lives that don’t allow to have time to focus on the personal health care, Sometimes bad eating habits with no timelines or no physical activity like games, walk, running or exercise increasing number of people with health issues and most of them become overweight.


When you have a new plan to lose weight or build your muscles, and you want to track your progress. You might consider a virtual diet and nutrition counselor to help you along the way.


We will build a mobile application that would monitor Calories In vs. Calories record exercise, track body measurements and keep a daily journal. Also it would be complete nutritional analysis tool that monitor your food intake make summaries regarding your exercises and weight loss, give you suggestions for healthy eating that help you in weight lossit’s all will help you to lose weight and keep you fit.


Functional Requirements:


Mobile owner:

  • Register on application by giving email
  • Set health monitoring for one person i.e. mobile owner
  • Set health monitoring for many users i.e. friends of mobile owner by sending SMS
  • Add your current weight, height and targeted weight
  • Calculate Your current Body mass index(BMI)
  • Set recommended programs on which application will monitor you
    • weight management
    • Balanced life


  • Add in weight management general trackers on which application will check your weight loss. It will include Steps you take in a day, food intake,water, sleep etc.
  • Add in weight management your exercise trackers. It includes walking running cycling,hiking and many more.
  • On your given data of weight management, application will track your steps, miles in walking and running
  • It will show you all day burned calories by taking data from food intake, exercise trackers
  • It will show your calendar with you daily calories burned.
  • Calories burned will be shown according to parameters set in general trackers and exercise trackers.
  • In balanced life tab add be more active that will check how many minutes you are active each day, working time and see your progress over time
  • In balanced tab add eat healthier that will track your calories intake and nutritional information
  • In balanced tab add feel more rested that track your consistency and quality of sleep i.e. sleep time and wakeup time setting.
  • Weight management and balanced life tabs will generate two bar graphs separately on daily basis

Tools and Languages:

For GUI Design: Android / Xamarin Studio

For Web Services / Web APIs: Java / C# / PHP

For Database:  MySQL / SQL Lite / Fire Base / SQL Server



Name:  Asma Batool

Email ID:

Skype ID : asmabatool13

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