Lahore Metro Route Finder Test Phase Test Phase Fall 2017 

Problem Statement for Test Phase

Android Application


Develop an Android application which will have station information stored in the database for main Metro Bus track and at least one Speedo Bus track. This information will contain track_ID/route_ID, station_ID, station_name and distance (distance should be from first station of that track/route). Now, you need to create an interface which will take information related to starting station and destination station from the user by using a drop down menu and it will provide the following information to the user.

  • Distance from starting station to destination station
  • Transfer station (If any encountered within start to end station.


Create another interface where user can search a station and it will show all the information stored related to that station. When user searches a track like “Track 1”, it will show all the station on that track.


Interface 1: Search Station/Track




Interface 2: Calculate Distance between two stations and Show Transfer Station (If any).





Remember you have to apply following concepts for the test phase 2:

Syntax and Logical errors
Exception Handling
Class and Object
OOP concepts [Inheritance, Association, Aggregation, Composition, Polymorphism]
Multi-Dimensional Arrays
Database Operations [Create, Read, Update, Delete etc.]

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