Intelligent Network Security Controller (INSC) CS619 Final Project Spring 2018

Intelligent Network Security Controller (INSC) CS619 Final Project Spring 2018 

Intelligent Network Security Controller (INSC)


Project Domain / Category

Network Security / Linux Programming


Abstract / Introduction


Users of an organization or a department in an organization may have some common network security requirements. There may be some common, known or intended resources to be accessed by employees to ensure the day to day operational duties are being carried out without interruption. This project will require implementation of a reputation database that can be updated by a security administrator or user behavior that is used to permit, deny or redirect user traffic dynamically on network.


Functional Requirements:


Following are functional requirements of this project


  1. Virtual Machine to running Linux with 2+ Interfaces



  1. Design and Develop necessary Reputation Databases (1- Persistent, 2 Memory Resident). Persistent may be a MySQL database. Memory resident database could be a simple hash table). On reload applicable rules shall be copied to memory resident database, active changes or learned changes shall be stored first in [2] then in [1]



  1. Develop a Linux Application (INSC) to manipulate the IP Tables on Linux as per the reputation Database.


  1. INSC must redirect user to web a interface that will require user to explicitly confirm his required access along with some validation information.


  1. Both [1] and [2] should be configurable in a web interface.








C/C++ , Linux , IPtables , Virtulbox , Web Development PHP/ASP/CGI



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